Adoptive Parents, Adult Adoptees, First Parents…

11 Jun


Want a challenge?  When you click the More link shut your eyes and imagine the faces of adoptees who want the right to their original birth certificate. 

So, what was the age of the faces?  Teens?  Young Adults?  Middle age?  Senior Citizens?

Lorraine over at First Mother Forum has a post up today about the rally in Manhattan for Adoptee Rights with the main sponsoring Assemblyman and Senator of the adoptee rights legislation.  The post also has a video of the Assemblyman and Senator speaking, as well as other people voicing their support of the legislation to unseal the original birth certificates of adoptees born in the state – watch it please to hear their voices, and also see if you were correct in the age of the adoptees wanting the laws changed.  Lorraine is asking for everyone to send emails, and for anyone with a NY connection to also email the Speaker of the Assembly to bring this legislation to the floor as they have 82 sponsors of the bill.  All you need to do is voice your support in emails, and her post provides all the details you need.  Please help.

Adoptees, first parents rally in Manhattan for adoptee rights

Back to the question I posed.  Lorraine listed the names and birth dates of adoptees born in NY state that either live in the state or another state now, who contacted her offering their support – but could not be at the rally.  I did a very quick tally of numbers by decade of birth figuring this was about as random as it could get, even if it is just a small sample.

1940’s – 7 Senior citizens

1950’s – 7 Will be eligible to retire within the next 10 years

1960’s – 12 Mid 40’s to mid 50’s (my age)

1970’s – 3 Mid 30’s to mid 40’s

1980’s – 3 Mid 20’s to mid 30’s

Then there is the name of the adoptee born in NY in 1918 whose family is searching for history, and the adoptee who is searching for her dad born between 1901 – 1910…

I think it’s about time they had the same right everyone non-adopted already has who was born in NY…or any other closed state for that matter.

Where is the rallying cry to rise up as adoptive parents wanting their children to have the same rights as all other non-adopted people?  This adoptive father stood up…

Adult adoptees should have unconditional access to their original birth certificates

Will you stand up?  Make sure you read the post above by Lorraine and send an email in support, and if you live in New York, add your support by sending off an email to the Speaker of the Assembly.

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