Kathryn Joyce has an opinion piece up at Huff Post…

02 Jun

The Problem With the Christian Adoption Movement

“Several weeks ago, in honor of “Birthmothers’ Day,” the pre-Mother’s Day celebration of women who relinquish children for adoption, the Washington Post published an op-ed by Fox News analyst Nina Easton. In it, Easton, an adoptive mother, called for a shift in language that would recast adoption not as abandonment, but as a heroic gift of life that a biological mother can make not only to her child, but also to would-be adoptive parents. In her opening paragraph, Easton lamented that adoption “carries such a social stigma that domestic placement of infants has plummeted — even as the number of parents desperate for a baby grows.” Changing the language around adoption, she suggested, to call “birthmothers” selfless and loving, could help encourage more women to relinquish.”

Go see how she has woven both domestic and international adoption into one post.


I wrote about a Nina Easton news clip here and Kellie from All In The Family Adoption wrote Nina Easton “Plea” is the same old Adoption Industry Propaganda about the Washington Post op-ed.

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One response to “Kathryn Joyce has an opinion piece up at Huff Post…

  1. kellie3

    June 4, 2013 at 1:27 am

    Thank you for the mention, TAO.
    These days and these times have me depressed and unable to write anything. It all gets overwhelming sometimes. I’ve been trying to read Kathryn Joyce’s book, but it’s difficult.
    You adoptee bloggers encourage me. If you can deal with the injustice all of your lives, surely I can deal with it after enjoying 40 years of happy cluelessness. You’d think.



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