Now I understand…well not really…

10 May


Apparently why international adoption is such a mess and broken is because of:

“Bureaucratic wrangling and administrative delays have caused this crisis.”

Nothing to do with cases of corruption, or fraud in-country, or overloading an already fragile social system by adoption agencies rushing into a developing country…

But they are going to march on Washington demanding changes.  What changes – would be my question, and is my question, but no matter how much I look I can’t find any concrete steps they want to see happen.  Just follow along and support us – you don’t need to know details.  Sign the pledge!  Shouldn’t you know what your specifically supporting?

Trust isn’t something that comes naturally for me when we talk about the adoption.

Actions always speak louder to me than words…

Now I will take the word of “Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR)” on this at face value – because they are walking the walk…do read their statement below.

Statement on the Documentary “Stuck”

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