How my mind wanders from one subject to another…

01 May


A very odd post today…odd even for me – for some it will make sense – others will just shake their heads.

I’m a huge fan of Formula 1 Racing, have been for over twenty-five years.  I watch both the qualifying and the race, every time.  I usually have two or three favorite drivers vs. following a team.  I write out the racing schedule each year so hubby can make sure everything is taped, even those that would start at 5:00 my time, on the off-chance I slept in.

Today, I saw Tedx has a F1 talk that I had to watch.  A fascinating talk about how they are working on an experiment, that takes the same concept of how FI works behind the scenes, with the vast amounts of data collected and used – to see if those very same tools can help save lives.  The talk is only 9 minutes – I hope you watch.  It makes sense, and after seeing it my mind wandered to what other data is collected around the world, which could be used to do something it wasn’t collected, or intended, for – and of course I thought about adoption…more on that below the video…

Formula One Talk on Tedx…

Talk is by Peter van Manen from McLaren

“Can we look at patterns in the data to do things better?”

We can use the same technology that evaluates faults in Formula 1 race cars to solve problems off the racetrack, says data analyst Peter van Manen. From detecting warning signs of heart failure in infants to designing ambulances that monitor patients on the way to the hospital, F1 technology is for more than just cars.


Thinking about the type of data collected in adoption, or should have been collected, even just over the last twenty years – what it could offer, tell, the questions it could answer.  I worked with customer data for years, I know the power of it (I am not an expert in it – just a user of it and knowledge that questions can be answered).  Pure, raw, data, what if each agency had collected the right data and shared honest, robust data, combined with other data available and analyzed by country, used to work on a micro level for a family, so that real help was provided so there was no need for family separation, when possible.  Providing in detail what mothers (the widows), or fathers (the widowers) in Ethiopia, or Uganda, or the DRC, or any other country, would specifically need at a family level, by area, to be able to raise their children (the “orphans” that are so often those adopted) to adulthood, a future filled with opportunities.

Just imagine if that data had been, or was collected, and analyzed with the intent to end the need for adoption for many, not all, but many.

That would be a good thing – wouldn’t it?

Make sure you read Kevin’s post from Land of a Gazillion Adoptees – it also ties in – showing what the focus really is…

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