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Misconception in open adoption…


I have seen an increase in comments that domestic open adoption has solved the problem of the adult adoptee not having the same right to their Original Birth Certificate (OBC) as non-adopted, or, that the adopting parents obtained the child’s OBC prior to the adoption so their child won’t be denied the right. Read the rest of this entry »


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Meanwhile in my backyard…


On Saturday, I was standing in front of the kitchen sink doing dishes when a fluffy chickadee landed on the railing.  Her little wings were quivering noticeably, and I worried that perhaps she had crashed into a window and hurt herself, so I watched – dishes forgotten.  She didn’t move but kept darting her head back and forth tweeting – you feel so helpless because what can you really do?  A minute or so passed, and another chickadee landed a ways down from the little one in distress, this one smaller, and leaner than the fluffy one crying, suddenly the smaller one swooped over and the distressed fluffy one expectantly opened her mouth, and the smaller one popped a small worm or bug in fluffy’s mouth.  Mystery solved – fluffy one was just a baby learning how to fly!  Having fed her little one a tidbit, and reassured her – mom flew away, and within a minute, so did fluffy way up onto one of the protective branches of the very tall spruce tree in the backyard. Read the rest of this entry »


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How do you view adoption…


Hopefully this makes sense: Something I have pondered is how “adoption” is viewed by different groups found in the adoption community.  I understand that not all defined by a specific group will view “adoption” the same, and not what I mean to imply.  Rather how a group may typically view “adoption” through their role / lens. Read the rest of this entry »


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What I seldom hear first in the message of “called to adopt”


I have hesitated posting this for several days, but I have decided to go ahead because I think it is something I need to say.  Something has bothered me but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was, but first let me take a step back putting the concern on ethical adoptions for only those who truly need adoption aside for the moment… Read the rest of this entry »


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The comment that always pops up in discussions about ethics and adoption


I am still working on reading all the discussions that have been started since “The Child Catchers” by Kathryn Joyce was published.  Really enjoying seeing both the responses and the pennies dropping.  It’s good – but I knew this comment was coming because it comes up on every discussion on ethics and adoption.  Paraphrased to spare the person who left the comment about why discussing it was bad, and you should only speak to a specific case or agency on a post talking about ethics and corruption in international adoption. Read the rest of this entry »


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Wishing you peace


Today is hard for many…words don’t help very much, but sometimes, just a beautiful picture can make the day a bit better…even for a minute.  Wishing everyone peace today.

White Lilacs TAO 2013

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Adoption history and the lasting impact of not doing it right…


I know – two posts in one day.  I over-did it yesterday and have done my best not to go lay-down and sleep because that will mess up my sleep tonight.  This morning I followed a link from twitter and ended up reading the first link.  I don’t know who provided the link, but reading it made me incredibly sad – not just the lies, but the mis-information that made it so much harder for Michael.  It’s from 1999 and long to be published in the NY Times – about the era when I was adopted. Read the rest of this entry »


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Now I understand…well not really…


Apparently why international adoption is such a mess and broken is because of:

“Bureaucratic wrangling and administrative delays have caused this crisis.”

Nothing to do with cases of corruption, or fraud in-country, or overloading an already fragile social system by adoption agencies rushing into a developing country… Read the rest of this entry »

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Dear Adoption Agency Person…


You are the first person to have commented on this blog from an identified adoption agency – thanks for being honest – do you know I actually look at who is commenting for the first time?  Just one of my quirks.  I know another agency follows this blog, but they don’t comment.  Just in case you are wondering, here are the reasons why I am not approving your comment.  Trust me, it is long so you may want to grab a coffee (or your choice of beverage). Read the rest of this entry »


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Safe Haven…


I’m not against the intention behind creating Safe Haven laws.  Really, I’m not.  It’s the belief that mothers would only use them if they can remain anonymous, that I disagree with. Read the rest of this entry »


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Promoting adoption…


Nina Easton of Fortune Magazine is apparently a Fox News Contributor.  Up until today I had never heard of her but Think Progress has a news clip of her on Fox.  Talking about the need to celebrate the teen and young adult pregnancies and of course the solution is adoption.  She says more than the quote below so go to the link above and listen to the short clip. Read the rest of this entry »


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Sleep deprived awareness…


I am always amazed at bursts of awareness about adoption, for some reason my assumption was that I had already been there, done that, and all I ever needed to know, or feel about adoption had already been dealt with…

I was wrong. Read the rest of this entry »


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