Adoption – where Down is Up and Up is Down…

20 Apr


Have you ever thought just how opposite the views in adoption are to the rest of the world?

Take the current story that runs underneath the adoption case of the week – whichever side you are on is irrelevant, and not the topic of the post (hence not identifying it) – where the father is considered by some to be irresponsible and selfish for signing his rights over to the mother of his child just before he deployed (what he testified he thought the papers were) – but the mother is considered responsible and selfless for signing her rights away to basically strangers she had known for three months or less…

In any other reality I have lived in, you could not have the exact same choice made viewed in two completely opposite ways – where one is deemed irresponsible and selfish – the other is deemed responsible and selfless – go figure…

And to further confuse the issue, if the father had been on-board with his child being adopted – he too would have been seen and spoken of as responsible and selfless.

Anyways…no wonder people don’t understand adoption…


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2 responses to “Adoption – where Down is Up and Up is Down…

  1. JavaMonkey

    April 20, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    Sadly, a father can’t win unless he’s opening up his wallet. Wanting custody makes him selfish… signing away rights makes him selfish…


    • TAO

      April 20, 2013 at 11:11 pm

      It’s just a mess – if she doesn’t want contact then if he contacts her there is another problem – they can’t win. I also have a problem with requiring support during pregnancy but it only applies to preserving his rights to contest an adoption. If he doesn’t support her during pregnancy – which with the adoption option on the table ensures he has no rights – but she parents his rights are there and support orders mandated. You can’t have things both ways… By the way – how are you doing Java?



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