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I followed a link off twitter that came to this post by Religious News.  Now, I need to confess I tend to stay away from this type of website simply because some tend to raise my blood pressure, especially if they speak of adoption.  This time is different and is worth sharing.  I will share the last paragraph that made me smile because the hypocrisy is so very clear to me and many others – so read the post.

If I’m against SSM do I have to be against adoption?

If it’s SSM that they’re arguing against, the non-religion reason is biology. If its adoption they pushing for, it’s selfless surrender for the good of the child. The non-religious reasons are simply rationalizations for the religious results they want.

The last post linked below is completely different and is from Adopto-Snark that had me giggling right through to the end.  Adoptee humor at it’s finest, but is also something “some” non-adopted should think about before they open their mouth and insert foot.  I wish I had her gift.

Questions I’ve Always Wanted to Ask

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