Change in some of the Utah laws and yet another case…

27 Mar

Utah lawmakers tweak Utah adoption laws – I’m a little behind in posting this and when I read it this morning I wasn’t going to bother, yet here I am because I don’t know whether to be angry, or bemused that it is 2013 and just now this is being added…

“The Office of Licensing will be required by SB183 to implement ethical rules that prohibit adoption agencies or employees from providing false or misleading information.”

Shouldn’t that have been a given from day one?

Meanwhile at the Utah Supreme Court another contested adoption case is being heard…

Utah Supreme Court weighs Pennsylvanian’s adoption fight

Back in May of 2010 the girlfriend of Christopher Carlton left their home – she was due June of 2010.  Apparently she contacted him and told him she gave birth to a boy who was sick, then told him he had died.  Carlton went to court in PA to get the right to know where his son was buried which was granted.  The girlfriend then tells him that his son had not passed away, but rather alive and had been adopted but didn’t tell him where.  After taking her to court again to find out where his son was born she then tells him it was in Utah and which adoption agency.  Apparently it took even longer to find out he didn’t have a son, rather he had a daughter.

It was only in May 2011, after Carlton filed a second amended petition and while he was deployed in Iraq, that he learned his child was a girl.”

Of course when you read the article (and you should read it) you will see so many familiar names…

And now, almost three years after the child was born the case is being heard by the Utah Supreme Court.

When is Utah going to say enough is enough?

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