Another article that misses the mark

26 Mar

Adopted teens seeking out their birth parents through social media: Is it safe?

First up in the story is Sarah Bryce who later in the article states she was born and adopted in 1978 which puts her in her thirties…

Next is Jenessa Simons who according to her poster board was born in 1991.  Even with my rusty math skills she’s not a teen but in her twenties…here is what the article stated “In Utah, another teen adopted at birth posted, “Help me find my birth parents” to her Facebook page Jan. 27 in an effort to find her biological parents.” and links to the Huff post article.

Then the article moves into the advice area for parents of teens, yet the headline states – Adopted teens and then starts off with two adoptees who aren’t teens who are using social media to search.  Not a PEEP about the fact that adoptees wouldn’t have to resort to using social media if the entire adoption community stood up and said unseal adoptees original birth certificates – they should be treated as equals to all other citizens and not have to resort to this.

Not One Peep in the article about adoptee rights legislation happening right now in many different states…

Adoptee Rights Coalition

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