Link to post on the Australian Apology and of course my thoughts…

22 Mar


Well written post by Deanna Shrodes at “Adoptee Restoration” today.  The author is an adoptee from the BSE, like myself, like millions of other adoptees.  Her voice is different from my voice.  Even though our voices are different, many of the underlying themes are the same.  Understand history – not the white-washed history fed to you by the adoption industry – the real history of Adoption that Australia has now publicly recognised and apologised for. That underneath many of the stories of our adoptions is a world of hurt, pain, anguish – regardless of which country we are from because it happened on different levels in most developed countries – not just Australia.

Deanna is also a pastor and familiar with crafting her words to get her point across while painting a vivid picture of why.

I Want An Apology!

I hope every single person who reads this post and Deanna’s post – will also read the full apology from Australia here.  It matters.  This is what Australia has vowed to do.

18. We resolve, as a nation, to do all in our power to make sure these practices are never repeated. In facing future challenges, we will remember the lessons of family separation. Our focus will be on protecting the fundamental rights of children and on the importance of the child’s right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.

I understand that reading about it can stir deep emotions in both prospective and adoptive parents.  Anger because adoption is beautiful for you, and you don’t want those feelings ruined, or to feel guilty.  Those feelings are normal, but a deeper understanding of all the sides of adoption can only make you as an individual more deeply aware, connected, and empowered.  Adoption is built on a foundation of loss, no matter how much you wish it was different, that is the reality, and why ensuring ethics and truthfulness are adhered to in adoption is so necessary.

While I am sure that you can see the blatant tactics used on our mothers was unjust and inhumane – can you  also understand that some of the same tactics used on our mothers, have been massaged, revamped, and are in play today by some in adoption? They may look completely different, but the effect is still there – can you spot them?  Would you recognise them?  If not, you need to educate yourself through understanding historical practices, and then current practices and for that, the best starting point is through the eyes of the expectant parent in a crisis reading the “birthparents” pages on an agency website.  Then compare the message given without disclaimers or facts of adoption once the papers are signed, next up is the counselling offered by an employee of the agency, the matching – well you get the point.  How an adoption is done matters.

Have you read “The Girls Who Went Away” by Ann Fessler?  Are you going to see the documentary she made “A Girl LIke Her“? 

What about Dan Rather Reports on Forced Adoption available on iTunes?


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3 responses to “Link to post on the Australian Apology and of course my thoughts…

  1. eagoodlife

    March 22, 2013 at 10:43 pm

    It was a great moment in our history.Adoptees were first recognised, acknowledged and validated by the Inquiry which recommended this Apology.It was the first time adoptees have been apologised to for the harm of adoption and that is something to be thankful for.


  2. Lesley Earl

    March 23, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    thank you


  3. adoption scandal

    April 25, 2013 at 7:25 am

    Hi my name is Julia I was born at the Royal Women`s Hospital in Melbourne in 1967.My birth mother was only 19yrs old unmarried. I was only 1 week old when I was placed with my adoptive parents.I had a very sad upbringing I was physically and mentally abused for most of my life and still carry the emotional scars.My adoptive father was a child sexual predator, Pedophile he is deceased now thank God but as far as i`m`concerned I will never forgive The Royal Women`s Hospital nor will I except an apology for what happened to me.I hate and recent being adopted it was so unfair! I just wanted a normal life I want people to be aware of what I had to experience.Also how do you explain to me any body from the Royal women`s` hospital how is it my adoptive mother naturally conceived had my brother adopted me then had two other siblings naturally?I didn`t ask to be adopted and want the whole world to know how angry I am about it.I was not a wanted child but a very unwanted child.My adoption was nothing but a big scandal as far as im concerned every body is to blame from my Grandfather,Birthfather,Birthmother,Royal Womens Hospital Melbourne shonky Doctors,Lawyers that were involved in my adoption.And to be a closed case was shameful.I have just been recently diagnosed with Border Line personality Disorder which apparently I got as a result of Trauma from my adoptive parents and the way in which I was brought up. From Julia



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