A post about one dog that I can’t stop thinking about…

12 Feb


All my friends know I am a huge animal lover. I support rescue groups where I live – one large, one small, and over the years others who give a hand up to animals. My home has been a refuge for dogs and cats who needed someone to care.  Right now I have Little Puppy who lived in a shelter for most of her first year of life – the last seven with me and is sleeping curled up on her bed next to me. Where I am – is where she is, yesterday it was out chasing the ball in the misty rain, while I tried to prune the apple tree in between being barked at to throw the ball – yet again. Big puppy has been on borrowed time for the last year and it will be hard to see him go, and I think my Little Puppy knows it is almost time. Last week when he went to the vet she was inconsolable – until he returned home.

All of this is to say that if you have read this far in my rambling – I want you to read the post linked below. A post about very caring people from Bangalore and the story about one dog – the writer has a gift of words. A story that if you are like me, will bring tears to your eyes and then a smile to your face. I can’t get the post out of my mind, and today on Facebook there is yet another group of dogs just rescued from the same living conditions. Breaks my heart that this happens…

Duke : A story of rebirth

I’m so very thankful there are people all over the world who care.

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One response to “A post about one dog that I can’t stop thinking about…

  1. Donna

    February 12, 2013 at 5:40 pm

    Wonderful story!



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