Update in the Salt Lake Tribune on the adoption saga…

06 Dec

Utah adoption saga: New questions as fight continues

The Salt Lake Tribune has learned the Utah adoption agency that arranged for a married father’s child to be given up at birth is under scrutiny by state licensing officials and the adoptive parents have acted on their pledge to try to block the toddler’s return to her dad.

Ken Stettler, licensing director for the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, told the Tribune that the Adoption Center of Choice has operated under a corrective action plan since September, when its license was extended but not renewed. The action was taken because of documentation deficiencies in some case files, Stettler said.

Important read – more about the agency, licensing, the timeline, the appeal, the different names the agency has done business under, requirements of advertising fees paid to another company…  Very interesting…

It also includes details about helping “either” family…

Previous post below…

Father is ready to turn page on Utah adoption horror story

A 4th District Court judge says he is “astonished and deeply troubled” by a Utah adoption agency’s deliberate move to circumvent the rights of a married man whose daughter was adopted at birth without his knowledge.

The Provo judge, while noting the birth mother had deceived her husband, the adoption agency and the prospective parents, has given the adoptive couple 60 days to give the child back.

In a 48-page ruling, Judge Darold McDade said the Adoption Center of Choice’s policy of refusing to disclose any information to Terry Achane once he learned what had happened to his baby is “utterly indefensible.”

Go read the whole story – so wrong – no words…


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6 responses to “Update in the Salt Lake Tribune on the adoption saga…

  1. wackyadorablefamily

    December 6, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Reblogged this on wackyadorablefamily.


  2. Valentine Logar

    December 9, 2012 at 9:43 am

    This story is simply heartbreaking. I have read quite a bit of it already. The birth mother has been on a couple of shows trying to build sympathy for herself. The adoptive parents have a blog raising money for their ongoing defense to retain the child.

    I cannot believe but if you read comments on some of the stories, there are some who suggest somehow the father is wrong to pursue the case.


    • TAO

      December 9, 2012 at 1:17 pm

      Yes, the “best interests of the child” card combined with the “ripped from the arms of the only family she knows” card. Yes, I am sure it will be incredibly traumatic for the child, and potentially made more traumatic if that family refuses to make it a gradual transition which is what the 60 days should be used for to migitate the impact. Yet at the same time it simply cannot be allowed.

      What would have been best is if the Adoption Agency had said no. They didn’t, so when the father intervened at around the 6 month mark in the adoption petition, and the child should have been transistioned to the father. But those choices to act in the best interest of the child were not taken. The courts should also have fast-forwarded the case due to it being a child, and not taken somewhere around a year to hear the case – but that didn’t happen either. So now we have a 21 month old who should a) never have been placed for adoption, b) did not get a transition around 6 months of age, and c) stalled in the justice system for far too long – and they expect the FATHER to simply say – okay?

      So incredibly horrible.


      • Valentine Logar

        December 9, 2012 at 1:24 pm

        There are a few other things that make this even more terrible:

        1. The adoptive parents wanted a second Black child to go with their first Black adopted child. The already have five natural children. They wanted a ‘matched’ set.

        2. They were told the biological father might object, they decided to proceed anyway.

        3. They, along with the biological mother are attempting to make the natural father into the bad guy in the public eye. Trying to show he had no interest and did not step forward early enough.

        4. The adoptive parents are raising funds on line through a blog for their legal battle, so far they have raised over $20K


        • TAO

          December 9, 2012 at 1:35 pm

          Absolutely agree on all points. The sense of entitlement that comes off is horrible, they aren’t, and haven’t been doing this in the best interests of the child. And efforts to make the father look bad are quite frankly, revolting. How on earth you can vilify a man who is serving his country and has risen in the ranks, provided for his family, and applied for, and took the position, to make it even better for his family. It all is a tragedy.

          Thankfully it appears that those who can, have also donated to the lawyer for Mr. Archane to help with his legal costs.

          I read that “fundraising” page for Teleah before they scrubbed away all the words screaming of entitlement. The whole thing is so unbelieveable being done by those who should know better.



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