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Are there only two definitions: Pro or Anti Adoption?

It seems if someone doesn’t like what another says about adoption – they pull out both pro-adoption or anti-adoption labels, slap a label on the person they disagree with and hold the other label as what they are.  It is divisive and shuts down any discussion, or ability to see the others point of view.  It is just like politics…something adoption should never be compared too.

Personally, I believe I could come up with 25 different ways people can feel about adoption, and am sure would miss some, and that two labels (for or against) don’t work.  Not that there should be labels to begin with, but people are going to use them anyway…

Are you pro-adoption only if you support every type of adoption – no holds barred as long as the adoption process meets the letter of the law where the adoption occurs?

Are you still considered pro-adoption if you believe non-Hague international adoption needs to have more oversight?

What about if you are against international adoption, unless all in-country measures have failed, but support domestic infant and foster adoption?

Can you be considered pro-adoption if you support domestic, foster care, and international adoption – but believe the current marketing and counselling in domestic infant needs to change, plus opening records to adult adoptees in any type of adoption?

Or, if you support all three types of adoption, but feel the profit aspects of adoption both domestic and international need to have some serious overhauls?

Far too many variations to describe on here, and I just quickly listed the few above off the top of my head while I was only starting my 2nd coffee, so go easy on me.

What I would like is to hear is your description of where you stand now – based on today’s adoption practices, and how you would label yourself – if you had to pick a label and what that label would say.  Feel free to get wordy…or even go off topic and talk about something else…


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