Cliffs and a win…off topic…

29 Nov


The Stamina Cliff…

Yesterday I over-did it.  I always do when I go to help someone, because I never know when I will reach the edge of the cliff and fall over it.

Once I do that, I then go over the next cliff…

The Brain Cliff…

My brain struggles to put words together to form a cohesive sentence and usually the sentence structure is extremely poor.  Just finding the words is excruciating.  My ability to process higher cognitive thoughts becomes more limited.

Today I am struggling to put words together, tomorrow will be better, but I will still be tired.  The following day, I will want to catch up on what I should have done at home for the past three days, and haven’t, and if I am not careful, I will fall off the cliffs again, not as bad, but bad enough.

Yet there was a win in my day yesterday before the cliffs… 

When I hear a word that isn’t part of everyday conversation, I always check in my mind to see if I know how to pronounce it.  Sure enough, I could only hear the first sounds of the word in my brain, even though I knew the word and what it meant.  I asked the person to repeat it slowly, then I tried to say it and failed, they repeated it, I tried again a couple more times, and finally said it properly.  Today I can still repeat it.  Every word is a win when I can repeat it the next day, because my brain can automatically remember how to form the sounds to say the word.

Want to see what it is like to not know how to move your mouth to say a word?

Grit your teeth together to keep yourself from moving your mouth – keep reading.

With your teeth still together – describe in your mind how the different parts of your mouth would move, and in what direction and sequence, to make the sounds that form each of the following words:

amicable – commiserate – blizzard – complicated

You don’t know the sequence of moves – do you… 

It’s because you speak without having to think about how to move your mouth to form each sound in sequence – because your brain just knows what to do.

I lost the automatic knowledge of how to move my mouth after the first sound in a word, and have had to re-input the data…one word at a time.  At this point I have re-input most of the words I use in daily conversations, but I am still missing words I know, but seldom use.

Try for the rest of the day being aware of how your mouth moves to form the sounds for each word you speak – without you having to think about it…

The brain is pretty amazing isn’t it. 

It’s worth protecting…do you know the signs of stroke?

Thankfully my (now) husband did know – all I knew was something was terribly wrong.  Every stroke is different – my stroke was in the Broca’s area leaving me with Expressive Aphasia and what I think is called Apraxia of Speech (motor movement).

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