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Father wins in Utah…

Florida father wins ruling in Utah adoption case

In a 3-2 decision, the Utah Supreme Court has found that Utah’s adoption law was “constitutionally defective” in depriving a Florida father a “meaningful chance” to develop a relationship with his child after paternity papers he filed were not recorded in a timely manner because of the state’s then four-day work week and a federal holiday.

The high court reversed a decision by a trial judge who found that Ramsey Shaud had acted too late to stop the adoption of his daughter, born in January 2010. The justices sent the case back to the lower court to reconsider whether the Utah Office Vital Records and Statistics received Shaud’s paternity petition before the child’s mother placed her for adoption.

Ruling on scribd – must read…


It must be noted that the Utah Supreme Court heard this case back in September of 2011 and just ruled on it Friday.  Over a year?  Very poor time-frame when you are talking about a baby born in January of 2010.  Now the case goes back to the lower court and how long will they drag it out?

Also make sure you go to page 20 of the ruling and read the dissenting opinion…

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