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Just in case you missed it: Article by Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy at NYT

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Why Not a Credit for Birth Mothers?

Right now there are 100 comments.  As expected the words in the article suddenly morph into other words in the comments.  From the first paragraph “Often the reality is that mothers who surrender their children do so because of a lack of support.”

“Often” morphs into “Most” or “All” in the comments…

Where she identifies this is about private domestic adoptions and the mothers who place because of financial reasons which are often temporary – it morphs into other types of adoptions and other reasons mothers chose adoption, which is not the point of the discussion.

Read the article – pay attention to how she frames the sentences…and the words she chose.  Some of the comments have no reality with what the article said, some are protective of their place in adoption, some are just overly biased.

But it is tackling the subject of why is there an Adoption Tax Credit (or refundable tax credit) from the tax payers for a private domestic adoption, instead of the government working to keep a family together – especially when the original ATC was intended for promoting adoption for children in state care.

I just wish people could listen to the words used – when they read something.  And while reading it, ask yourself if a child should become an adoptee simply because of temporary financial reasons?  We have to remember that when adoption happens the child has lost their entire family, and that is tragic and should be the last resort.


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