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Following the links…


Whenever I see advertisements about movies related to adoption – I follow the links to find out where they lead.

Rescued: The Heart of Adoption And Caring For Orphans

And the description upset me greatly, and yes, I am trying to be diplomatic here.

I saw another website at the bottom of the page so I followed it.

Rescued Adoption Fund

And I looked around that website and clicked on the resources link.

Resources – surprise, surprise…

And you know, just once I want to be pleasantly surprised and see them not just focusing on the orphan aspect of James 1:27, but rather, focusing on caring in tandem the widows and the orphans.  We all know that quite likely in the statistics they quote, some (many) of those orphans – are also the children of the very widows they are also called to serve.

You know like the famous parable in the Bible about Elijah and the Widow Zarephath in 1 Kings 17…

The story of Elijah hiding out by the river, and when it ran dry he was told to seek out the Widow Zarephath.  Who when he asked for a drink and a piece of bread – told him she only had enough to feed herself and her son one more meal.  And how Elijah told her not to fear that she would have plenty until the end of the famine, if she shared.  And it was so.  And then later, when her son became ill – Elijah took her son and pleaded with God and her son was healed.  Then Elijah returned her son back to the Widow Zarephath, and she told him she knew he spoke the truth.

Where is that ministry?


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