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Who are you going to believe…


Just read an article on website of Radio 720 WGN in Chicago, that last night Rep, Joe Walsh (R) made this comment in a face to face meeting with his opponent Tammy Duckworth (D) and later to reporters…

Walsh said he was against abortion “without exception,” including rape, incest and in cases in which the life or health of the mother was in jeopardy.

Asked by reporters after the debate if he was saying that it’s never medically necessary to conduct an abortion to save the life of a mother, Walsh responded, “Absolutely.”

“With modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance,” he said. “… There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing.”

CNN has a slightly different version here.

(CNN) – Rep. Joe Walsh, a Republican engaged in a heated battle for re-election in Illinois against Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth, questioned Thursday the necessity of allowing abortions if a mother’s life is at risk, saying such an exemption to an abortion ban was simply a tool by pro-choice activists.

Speaking after a debate with his opponent, Walsh seemed to suggest medical advances made dangerous pregnancies rare.

“This is an issue that opponents of life throw out there to make us look unreasonable,” Walsh said. “There’s no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing, with advances in science and technology. Health of the mother has been, has become a tool for abortions any time under any reason.”

Of course that’s just incorrect  – not sure how an etopic pregnancy could be fixed but that aside, just yesterday I read a post on one of the blogs I follow.  That post was about one of the lesser known concerns a woman can face in pregnancy, complicated by a new state law.  When a politician decides if the life of the mother is at risk over at Dr. Jen Gunter’s blog.

So, who are you going to believe – a politician or a doctor?  I know who I would ask for medical advice from.  I also know who I wouldn’t – and that includes politicians who don’t have medical degrees.


Long time readers also know that this links into one of my pet peeves with the adoption industry…

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and that means it is time to update your family health history according to the Surgeon General.  Many, many, adult adoptees are excluded from that option, because that family health history written out by a 20 something women in a crisis at the time of birth, is all that an adoptee is entitled to for life.

It’s probably also timely to note that within my sealed court records was my family health history provided when I was born. Mother in excellent health – Father in good health (that no one met).  That was all that was included, and I didn’t even have that until after I got very sick and the court unsealed my records.

Please don’t trust an adoption provider’s reassurance that between the very limited family health history profile at the time your child was born, plus the marvels of medical science today, your child will be protected…it doesn’t work that way.  Of course your doctor will have no option but to work with what is available, but there really is a good reason they take a family health history, and continue to ask about family health history. 

This link is to one of those times I was asked about my family health history and how it made me feel, and that was before I became very sick, and also diagnosed with a rare disease – you’ll see the irony if you read the post.


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