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Lorraine at First Mother Forum has a great post up on semi-open adoptions and the real risk to both parties to adoption.  That the risk of semi-open can abruptly be closed due to agency closures.  It’s a topic that does not get talked about enough – what happens if an agency closes its doors and the communication between parties is facilitated by the agency only.

When an agency promises ‘semi-open’ adoption, look elsewhere

Please read the post and then start a conversation within your circle – both sides are affected and at the end of the day the child also loses.  The post also highlights how one small agency Abrazio stepped up to the plate to do whatever they could to keep those communications happening when ASA closed the doors in Texas, and has details and quotes from a conversation between Lorraine and that agencies director.  Please go read that post now

Agencies have closed all over the states in the last few years.  I can’t find statistics, because like any statistics in adoption, they are limited and scarce.  The problem is further complicated by each state licensing adoption agencies – instead of federal.  Even the biggest adoption agencies that have been around for decades are in trouble, and just last summer Children’s Home Society and Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota merged.  Included in that article is this mention that should make everyone take notice “The merger is among dozens occurring across Minnesota as nonprofits struggle with the economic downturn”.

My hope is that the adoptive parent community starts challenging the industry to set up some protections and rules, and that each parent asks their agency what happens if they close the door.  Your child’s records are held there.  Agencies have set themselves up as the middle man/conduit and if that is broken, like it has for so many others – how will it affect your child and you.

Did you read Lorraine’s post?  I hope so.

For further info on the ASA closure this article may help make you even madder that no thought has been put into safe-guarding all the parties to adoption.  Lawsuits claim adoption agency did not intend to deliver.

Update 16 Sep 2012: Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee and Claud at Musings of the Lame have each posted about this situation.  Go read these posts to and consider speaking up

Amanda’sWill Texas Legislators Stand by While the Human Rights of 5,000 Children go Unaddressed?

Claud’sAdoption Services Associates Goes Bad, Abrazo Adoption Associates Does Good


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