Search queries in the last month…

09 Aug

Honestly folks – I see variations of these search queries every single month, and each time it begs the question of why they happen at all.  Do people not understand that we are human too?  That we come from families just like they do?  Has the education about adoption to the public failed so miserably – that the basic concept of adoptees being just like any other human being has failed to register?

the personalities of adopted children (2)

adopted children personalitys (1)

what are adopted girls like (1)

Adoption and Reality TV don’t mix – I wasn’t interested in counting the large number of search queries about adoption TV shows – but this query stood out among the rest.  Not sure if the person believes based on the title of that show that they are guaranteed a baby, or wanted to be compensated for adopting, or just wants to be on a Reality TV Show.

how can you get to be adoptive parents on the show i am having their baby (1)

Seriously just stop…

The need to fix the laws and give Adult Adoptees Equal Rights – These queries are happening more and more, and I fear, will continue to escalate.  I hadn’t heard the first one before but it doesn’t surprise me…

adoptees being denied social security, because of amended birth certificates (1)

adoptee can’t get passport (3)

adult adoptee can’t get passport (1)

passport issues for adoptees (1)

Odd queries that make me pause – Then there are the ones that you just shake your head at and give up trying to understand the reason for using that search query…

adult adoptee grateful for his life (1)

orphanage or abortion which is better (1)

adoptee on abortion (1}

ethics of adopting out twins to different families (2)

good weekend article forced adoption (1)

I cannot imagine ethics were even considered if someone is splitting up twins…I do know you don’t get “two for one” though –  although you should if they truly are only doing adoptions for the right reasons…


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