Unconscious bias…

21 Jun

A TedX talk on “Women should represent women in media” by Megan Kamerick (also titled The Whole Picture – for some reason I can’t post the talk like most Ted Talks videos but the link in the title takes you to it.)

Very short talk – just over ten minutes – interesting and well worth the time about not only the small percentage of stories about women, but also showing how unconscious bias by male reporters changes a story dramatically when the story is about women.  Go watch it now and then come back and read the rest of the post.

While Megan Kamerick describes the unconscious bias men have covering stories about women – you could also apply the very same core issues within the adoption community, and within the media when it comes to adoption.  The stories are primarily about the adoptee because ultimately there cannot be any adoption without an adoptee – but the adoptee voice is missing and the focus is on the adoptive parent talking about their story or challenges.   If the adoptee voice is heard it is often the voice that challenges the system and stereotypes, and is quickly dismissed and negated.  Susan at “Family Ties” has a post about this subject that explains better than I, so go read it now “Why Adoption Experts Sometimes Irk Adult Adoptees“.

Finally, I stumbled on this report from October 2010 from “American Progress” – it wasn’t bad and had some valid points to it, but again what was missed entirely in a discussion on adoption – was the impact of being adopted, the sealed records laws needing to be reversed, in reality the adoptee’s perspective on being the one most central to any adoption.

Thoughts on any or all?

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One response to “Unconscious bias…

  1. shannon2818

    June 25, 2012 at 1:35 am

    That video was so interesting, thanks for sharing. I agree this is a problem, unfortunately I don’t have any easy solutions.



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