Ethiopia Notice…

14 May

Please go to the link below to read the full notice. 

Notice: Summary of Adoption Service Provider Meeting with the U.S. Embassy

Please read the part about the birth parent interviews and then think about what that means, really means, about how adoption is understood culturally in Ethiopia and elsewhere, and how adoption is so very different here.  How many parents in Ethiopia expect this to happen?  Then ask if they truly gave informed consent.

Then read this article in the Wall Street Journal again.  Inside Ethiopia’s Adoption Boom and watch the video – this family found out the hard way about this very concern – one of many families to find this out.

The Trends in Ethiopia at the bottom of the page of the “Notice: Summary of Adoption Service Provider Meeting with the U.S. Embassy” are just as troubling as how adoption is culturally different.  Stop and read the three trends over again, and recognise that to be a trend – it is happening frequently.

Then read this report from a year. 

*PDF from

What has changed?


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2 responses to “Ethiopia Notice…

  1. veggiemom

    May 15, 2012 at 2:10 am

    Nope…no informed consent at all. And the fact that the best the US Embassy can do is conduct the interview in a private room (as opposed to denying visas, closing agencies, or shutting down the program entirely) is a true indication that no one cares and nothing will change.


  2. The adopted ones

    May 15, 2012 at 12:21 pm

    I was encouraged that they said in about as strong as any “diplomatic” speak as possible that they were still seeing parents NOT informed of the difference culturely as well as legally in adoption between Ethiopia and western countries.

    I was very troubled by the rise in abandonment cases – a year ago they accounted for 19% and now it is trending up which to me speaks volumes and it is pretty easy to figure out why. As to sibling groups from the same community being relinquished at the same time and papers signed before a child is relinquished – pretty strong indicators that all is still not well.



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