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Four Inconvenient Truths: Circle of Moms – Adoption Contest 2012

I do my utmost to try to learn life lessons from history – I talk about this constantly and perhaps too often, but what happened this past week or so, drives home this point again. 

I got to thinking that I was sure that the Circle of Moms – Adoption Parent Contest 2011 had both Adult Adoptees (parents) and First Mothers (parents) and Adoptive Mothers (parents) – so I googled it and came up with this final 2011 vote tally page here.  That is the basis for this post – feel free to correct me if this post contains inaccuracies – but it certainly paints a totally different picture than what is being written on some blogs this week.   

You cannot rewrite history to suit your narrative today…

Inconvenient Truth #1: The furor that was kicked up in this contest this year has nothing whatsoever to do with the Contest or How It Was Being Run or Who was included this year – that weren’t also included last year.

Inconvenient Truth #2: Last year only Adoptive Parent Blogs made it into the Top 25 so being inclusive was just fine and dandy and likely included some pointing out the inclusiveness factor of all voices being heard.

Inconvenient Truth #3: This year Adult Adoptees and First Mothers made it to the Top Tier of the Top 25 during the contest so being inclusive suddenly became an issue to some.

Inconvenient Truth #4: Last year’s contest was inclusive of Adult Adoptees and First Mothers, even if one or more(?) asked not to be voted for – including:

#27 The Declassified Adoptee

#32 Musings of the Lame

#46 The Chronicles of Munchkin Land

#48 My Birth Name is Allison

#50 Once Was Von

#58 Chris’s blog (adult adoptee)

#60 Endure for a Night

#64 Neither Here Nor There

#69 Assembling Self

These parents not only have big hearts, but have done their best to create loving homes for their children who have come to them from all corners of the world.

Voting ended on Jun 21, 2011 at 4pm PT. Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Parents is now closed.


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