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Father wins…

After reading the ruling (see link below) it appears that this father did everything he possibly could do to show he wanted to parent.  Everything.  He found out his girlfriend was pregnant in January 2010.  She signed up with an adoption agency and told him she leave Missouri for the adoption.  He filed with the Missouri Putative Father Registry in March, 2010.

She left Missouri for Texas in May 2010 and went into housing provided by her adoption agency.  In June and July he was sent documents from Texas to consent to the adoption which he did not sign.  He filed petitions for paternity and for parent-child relationship in Texas in July as well as with the Putative Fathers Registry in Illinois.  Early August 2010 he filed with the Putative Fathers Registry in Texas.

She moved to Arkansas in late July or early August 2010.  He filed with the Arkansas Putative Fathers Registry around the middle of August 2010.  She signed away her rights and consent to guardianship and adoption in Arkansas at the beginning of Sep 2010 and the baby was born the next day.

No one told him the baby had been born but within days of the birth he filed for paternity and custody of the unborn child In Arkansas.  On the same day a petition for guardianship was filed by the adoption agency stating that the parents were not married and he had not provided support and his consent wasn’t required.  The court granted the petition for guardianship the next day.  A few days later an adoption petition was filed.  Around the middle of Oct (assuming he received notice from his Putative Fathers filing), he filed a complaint of intervention and then a bit later a consolidation and moving to the correct county that was granted.

In November the appeal was heard and denied and in January 2011 the adoption was granted.  He filed two separate appeals which he obviously lost so he appealed to the Supreme Court of Arkansas who heard the case and ruled March 1, 2012.

“Accordingly, we reverse the finding that appellant’s consent is not required, vacate the decree of adoption, and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.”


I get so very frustrated when fathers rights are treated like a game of cat and mouse.  The child is now 18 months old so I certainly hope this is settled very quick.  It is time for people in adoption to stop playing games like this.  If the father wants to parent it was his right to parent from the beginning.  I am sorry people think/thought otherwise.


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