The power of twitter…

03 Mar

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time watching the firestorm erupt on twitter targeting advertisers of the Rush Limbaugh Show after his horrific remarks about Ms. Fluke.  Companies pulled their ads. 

It truly was awe-inspiring to watch the power of the consumer in action. 

Today, Rush Limbaugh sort of, kind of, “apologised“…

I kept having this thought yesterday as I watched the firestorm of tweets…

Imagine if when an Adoptee Rights Bill was tabled in a state legislature – what would happen if adoptive parents started a firestorm of tweets at the Legislators to “Pass the Adoptee Rights Bill”.  To the National Council for Adoption (NFCA) to stop lobbying against Adoptee Rights Bills.  And to every single Adoption Agency that is a member of the NCFA promising to boycott them and get their friends to boycott them – unless they lobbied for Adoptee Rights.

Sadly – I can’t see that happening…too many can’t be bothered to fight for the rights their children currently don’t have…For those who think I am too cynical – prove me wrong…


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6 responses to “The power of twitter…

  1. The adopted ones

    March 3, 2012 at 11:32 pm

    Just wanted to add a link…

    The companies that pulled their ads…


  2. cb

    March 4, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Most APs are far more interested in extending the tax creditt – that’s their idea of adoption advocacy. Adoption advocacy and adoptee advocacy are two very different things as we well know.


    • The adopted ones

      March 4, 2012 at 2:38 pm

      The adoption tax credit is ridiculous – absolute nonsense for domestic or international adoption. It should never have been used for this.

      For foster-adopt as originally intended – yes – as it was modified to provide a refund up to $13K regardless if you spent a penny or not – just creates a mess – there will be those who want the refund vs wanting to be parents jumping in and nothing good wil come from it. We already see that with the subsidy attached and at 18 – bye bye.

      Apparently you got me started…


  3. Beth

    March 4, 2012 at 7:44 am

    Bill ORiley angrily said that viagra is for health issues and of course should be covered!
    It all worries me, we already know ‘they’ are against assistance for poor families, then no covered birth control, add on the high cost of an ultrasound to an abortion cost – plenty of funds and credits for adoption out there though.
    It wasn’t long ago that most insurance didn’t cover BC or maternity costs unless you paid much more than others, if you could find it, I remember. Haven’t we already been though this? Maybe they just want christian babies now!?


    • The adopted ones

      March 4, 2012 at 2:46 pm

      For men it is an “elective” medicine and some of their problems are most likely lifestyle issues. If they don’t want to pay for BC – no pay for that. O’Reilly is not someone worth listening to and I saw he thought what’s his name was right. GAG.

      Sadly I am old enough to remember no health insurance – you are too – but being as dad was a doctor I was aware of that. Many women had their babies at home because they could not afford the hospital – so many nights dad was gone out to somebodies house to bring a new one into the world.

      I am deeply shocked that services have been slashed so deeply all so those who have more than enough can keep more of it. Not how I was brought up.

      I am so deeply saddened by the rhetoric coming out of the GOP candidates mouths – shocked that it could happen today.


  4. B

    March 8, 2012 at 5:55 am

    for some insane reason of mine I spent 13 hours outside in the cold at the polls taking a survey at one precinct for the repub primary tuesday. i agreed to have no opinion that day… suprisingly I did fairly well at that. It’s really hard not to have an opinion or to agree or not agree!
    I’m still so traumatized by the anwsers to the survey and the comments I didn’t ask for from voters I can’t even think straight. it was frightening really. I have fear, enough not to want to leave my happy home for quite a while. I hope I don’t have another Jerry Falwell nightmare tonight. I seem to have a spelling disorder as well, seriously.
    what the hell was I thinking!
    I did plant many seeds by asking those outside supporting different canidates for pres, senate, congress… by asking “what is their position on adotpee rights?”
    and no, none had any idea what I was talking about, or where they stood on it.
    I told them I and most everyone I know (so i will shut up) would run to vote for them if they supported access to OBC equal to the nonadopted adult, regardless of what else they do or don’t support, even if they support beating kittens with puppies! And mentioned there are millions of adoptees in teh country with voting aged children, husbands and all sorts of relatives that support equal access as well.
    It seemed to work and got poeple talking, I need to work on what to say. It’s so much, hard to condense. I managaed not to get emotional at all, was glad of that. and didn’t mention my situation other than I was an adoptee and I support access and so do my kids and family. I did tell the one self proclaimed local big wig tea party founder dude that i was a second class citizen, not having equal rights to him.
    one guy said, oh I bet adoptees just love I said I guess so, but what ogod does it do if you don’t know your mothers or fathers names? and also mentioned how we can’t participate in the surgeon generals and doctor oz’s suggestions abotu the importnace of knowing your family health history and problems with getting a passport.
    It did seem to upset the severe freedom loving tae party guys quite a bit tho, especially when I told them it became public info after 100 years, so maybe our children or grandchildren could find that info then. And some didn’t think we were mature enough as adults until we were 35 or so. I’d bet they googled it. One seemed to be happy to have something new to rage about LOL
    I sent thme to the adoptee rights page, went there myself today and looked and noticed the virginia laws link tkaes oyu to arkansas instead.
    tried to send an email and my computer didn’t feel like ti
    could someone give them a heads up for me? Or double check for me in case I am wrong? I intend to send emails with info to all of the cadnadates since i have their contact info in a pile here waiting for me to do so… once I get my brain back.

    oh, If I heard the tv right, they passed the thing that says in virginia you have to have an exteranl ultrasound before an abortion can be done.

    nite 🙂



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