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Mirror or not…

I enjoy reading the correspondence of so many great men at the On-line Library of LIberty at the Liberty Fund website.  It provides me a better glimpse of what life was like so many years ago, and allows me to hear the words and the reasons behind the words of important men.  Words written in correspondence between friends that was honest and frank. 

I don’t like to get political because I don’t like controversy.  It’s not me and it isn’t good for me to get over stressed.  Today though, I am going to speak about what Rick Santorum said because I believe he is wrong because of what I have read of the Founders own writings.

Please take the time to read the link to this letter – it isn’t in today’s language but it is very clear on what this Founder thought in his letter to the Reverend Samuel Miller in January, 1808. 

Now go see the news clip here from Rick Santorum…

You judge if Santorums views or if President John F Kennedy views most closely mirror those of President Thomas Jefferson.

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