Kind of confused…

20 Feb

This news article: California counties get federally-funded teen mail-order condom program seems to me much ado over nothing.  Condoms (with health info) mailed in a non-descript yellow envelope – wow – scary – teenagers might be having sex – heaven forbid they want to do it safely or prevent pregnancy.  No idea what the fuss is…I could go to PP way back when I was a teenager.

But that isn’t what kind of confused me…it was the paragraph below in the above article…

“I would think the overwhelming majority of parents in Kern County wouldn’t think this is a good idea,” said Linda Davis, executive director of the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center, which emphasizes abstinence. “And I don’t think their kids would have the nerve to request them.”

I mean isn’t it kind of weird to have a Pregnancy Center commenting on free condoms and then saying they emphasize abstinence to women after they are already pregnant?  Kind of like closing the barn door after the horse has left? I would think they would be all for promoting all the ways to prevent of pregnancy not just abstinence – I guess they don’t see things like I do, if a kid is going to do it, they should be protected and not unprotected just because it does not fit with someone elses religious dogmas.  When I searched for Bakersfield Pregnancy Center it appeared at the top of the google page and here is the description provided – not a whisper about abstinence:

Offers pregnancy tests, counseling, adoption support, abortion education and alternatives, and pregnancy and fetal development education.

I went to Bakersfield Pregnancy Center website where they clearly identify they are a Care Net affiliate – good for them.  So I looked into Care Net which just happens to allow a pregnancy center with an adoption agency as part of its organization to be an affiliate – at least they have taken some thought to creating a few written standards about that though. (link below)

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