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Who does Keith Ablow think he is…

I am talking about his comments on Fox News…and frankly the employee of Fox News talking to Keith Ablow for allowing it to stand, what’s his name?  Doocy?  Something like that anyway, isn’t the role of Doocy to challenge things that sound wrong?  Or ask for facts to back up statements like that?  Other news stations do that…not Doocy on Fox News, apparently he must agree that Keith Ablow has a crystal ball that he can gaze into and determine that Brock is not a good person and it solely because he is an adopted boy who craves power.  Really scratching my head on this. 

Today Ablow posted a commentary on Fox News site and apparently has chosen to flip-flop and say he does not know why Brock is the way he is.  Sorry – far too late to un-ring the bell.  And even if he is contrite over what he said a Full Retraction on the same segment of the Fox News TV show is the only way you get credibility from me.

Others have talked about this in a much more concise manner than I can, so go read their thoughts.

Not from the adoption community…

Fox News Peers into Its Media Matters Foe’s Head Love the last line of the post where you can also view the interview this furor is over…”They’re also likely to be met with more than a little anger from people who were adopted or have adopted children.”

Fox News ‘Expert’ Keith Ablow: Media Matters Founder Is ‘Dangerous’ Because He Was Adopted “Fox News’ infamous psychiatrist Keith Ablow has today joined the network’s personal attacks on Media Matters’ David Brock, suggesting Brock is “dangerous” because he “is an adopted boy”:”

And just because I cannot resist from The Huffington Post…Keith Ablow, Fox News Psychiatrist: Newt Gingrich’s Infidelity Might Make Him A Better President…funny – doesn’t Ablow know that Gingrich was adopted by his step-father? That his is an “adopted boy”.

From the adoption community…

From Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee: Keith Ablow’s Adultist, Adoptist, Disablist Slam on Adult Adoptees on Fox News…are you Kidding me?!  No one can write like Amanda can – go read her post.

From Malinda at Adoption Talk: Name-Calling: “You Dangerous Adopted Boy!” Malinda always has a way to get her point across.

From Dawn at Creating a Family shows how upset she is by doing two posts on it two days in a row: Fox News Called Someone “Adopted” to Attack Their Politics and Demand an Apology from Fox News for Defaming Adoptees

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