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That “Need To Know”

OH, that damned “need to know”. What it can do to we, adoptees, and our psyche. Putting it into words is something so many of us have tried to do, and still, getting those, who are not adopted, and some who are, to understand is simply an impossibility a lot of the time. Some, non-adopted, people might be able to empathize, understand why an adoptee might “want” to know, but when an adoptee “needs” to know, when they are driven to know, well how can anyone, who is not adopted, truly understand, or grasp, that need in we adoptees.

When I think back to that day I made that call to D, my first father, I’m still astonished at the intensity of my emotions, my fear. I hope you enjoy the next installment of my reunion story with D.

Part 1: The Call – when I made the call

A Smack in the Nose – an analogy that played out in life of how I felt right after the call

The Buffalo Jump – the emotions and fears after I called

I Am A Buffalo – when he called me back

Next up the actual reunion.



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