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Utah – perhaps the tide is turning but I won’t hold my breath…

Utah high court reverses ruling in adoption case of unwed Colorado dad

The Utah Supreme Court ruled Friday that a Colorado father was improperly denied a say in his infant daughter’s adoption and sent the case back to a lower court for a rehearing.

In a split decision that establishes a new ground rule for future cases, the justices said Robert Manzanares’ consent to any adoption was necessary. The majority held Manzanares did not know and reasonably could not have known that a birth and adoption would take place in Utah, entitling him by law to more time to intervene in the proceedings.

Although Manzanares stated in a paternity petition filed in a Colorado court months before her daughter’s birth that he feared his girlfriend might flee to Utah, those were “yellow flags” and not the same thing as having knowledge of such a plan, the majority said.

Go read the rest – it’s not over yet but at least it is something…


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