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Lots of Links…

Very mixed selection of links I have enjoyed lately that you may like.

From The Land of Gazillion Adoptees: Podcast, 16 – The Big Picture: LGA’s Talks with David M. Smolin .  Listen to this two-part podcast and then read Prof. Smolin’s most recent paper found here.

From the strange math category and how the spin doctors hope you only read the headline. ASRM Press Release: Data from Sperm Bank Users Show More Still Prefer Anonymous Donation; Often Fail to Report Pregnancies

Researchers from the Genetics and IVF Institute surveyed thousands of their customers over the last three years. They report that demand for anonymous donation remains high, with 38% of respondents saying they preferred anonymous donors, 20% preferred identified donors and 42% were willing to use either.

From the Oxford Journals: Risk of borderline and invasive ovarian tumours after ovarian stimulation for in vitro fertilization in a large Dutch cohort

From the Center for Genetics and Society New Study Links Egg Harvesting for IVF to Ovarian Cancer speaking to the study linked above that also asks the question of whether or not women who donate their eggs, are being educated about the risk.

All About Ami which is a blog about crocheting.  This post is about the cutest ever Christmas ornaments that I want to try making this year.  Crochet Corner: Teddy Ornaments which has link embedded to the pattern.

Fathers and Family site has this post: Utah Paper Ramps Up Pressure for Father’s Rights.

An older paper from Canada in 2009 celebrating the 20th Anniversary of signing the Convention on the Rights of the Child reporting on the progress and challenges of implementing this convention.  Best Interests of the Child: Meaning and Application in Canada. Talking about adoption starts on page 35 but other parts are very interesting so have a look through as hard topics and the questions posed such as when religious beliefs can harm a child what is the protection and how is it balanced, First Nations children being removed from their own communities, recent immigrants and refugees children.  They asked very thought-provoking questions on a variety of topics and pointed out that Canada still has a long way to go to ensure compliance with the Convention in regards to adoptees…pg 37 speaks about the concerns of discriminatory legislation and policy that privileges the rights of non-adopted children. 

From the blog Holt Adoption Product: Borrowing the word “bullying” and after you read it, but before you respond with that “happened years ago”, just a couple of days ago I was watching a group of commentors talk about the current political race (can’t remember which station), one of the black commentors brought up the color coding comments made and the white commenter next to him told him that those words weren’t color coding and they weren’t racist..okay then…

From iAdoptee: The Client which really shows the absurdity of the reality faced by adult adoptees…

And finally from Huffington Post: Violence Against Women Is a Global Pandemic

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