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2011 BBC Vision Documentary: The Nine Months That Made You

(should be Horizon not Vision)

I just watched/listened to the documentary The Nine Months That Made You linked below. It is broken into five segments each approximately 12 minutes. The way it is linked takes you directly into the next segment.

The documentary starts off discussing the first initial thoughts that led to a journey that crossed continents to prove there was a reason to explore this concept in more depth, and focuses mainly on the long-term health consequences of a birth weight. The concept that the first nine months spent in the womb shape many different facets of your life, health and emotional well-being, as well as touching on for women, the eggs created for any children you may have.  The multi-generation aspect is very concerning.

I found the whole documentary fascinating and listened to the entirety in one sitting. While I was listening I remembered how fascinated I was to learn my birth weight when I received my OBC, and also pulled out my ABC and doubled checked to confirm that my birth weight was not listed there.

If the research already done is confirmed by the research being done, then it may explain many things. Things like why children born during famines or times of great stress have health problems they shouldn’t, based on the lifestyles they have led.

I found it on Top Documentary Films website.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   The Nine Months That Made You – from the website they provide this statement:

Horizon explores the secrets of what makes a long, healthy and happy life. It turns out that a time you can’t remember – the nine months you spend in the womb – could have more lasting effects on you today than your lifestyle or genes.

It is one of the most powerful and provocative new ideas in human science, and it was pioneered by a British scientist, Professor David Barker.

His theory has inspired a field of study that is revealing how our time in the womb could affect your health, personality, and even the lives of your children.

 After viewing the documentary I remembered the posts I did on a similar subject and decided to post the links in those posts here.

Prenatal maternal stress you really need to read the article as it opens your eyes.

This study also excluded mothers meeting specific criteria, and that criteria included mothers considering adoption from being part of the study – and think what that says about infant domestic adoptionBabies Born To Depressed Moms Have Higher Levels Of Stress Hormones

I also got to thinking about how many babies were born during the Great Depression, and whether what they talk about in the documentary would hold true, as well as children born in the next generation.

Then I started thinking about today’s babies being born, and especially all the thousands of families that are now homeless, and the children born during this time.  This editorial in the Knox News Editorial: Plight of homeless children a disgrace again opens your eyes to the sheer numbers, and yet I recognise it is only speaking about one state…

And finally, I think about the huge difference between how the rich live and how the desperately poor live and how incredibly wrong it is.  I can find no justification in cutting services to those in need.  The future of society rests on the actions we take today.


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