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You just have to accept the risk…

So you desperately want to get a new car and you see one in your price range and ask the salesman for the safety and reliability reports.  The salesman looks at you and replies you just need to accept that some parts may make it unsafe, and that different parts of the engine, transmission, drive train might break down at any point. 

Would you accept that response and buy the car?

You really need to find a way to look younger and you hear about a new pill.  So you visit your doctor to find out about this new miracle pill.  You ask the Doctor what’s in the drug and what did the studies show?  The doctor looks at you kind of strangely and says – do you want to look younger?  You respond, well sure, but I want to know the risks.  The doctor replies that the manufacture won’t say what is in the pill, and they didn’t do any studies, but people look younger after they take it. 

Would you accept that answer and take the pill?

The power company where you live wants to build a new plant to produce electricity from coal, and promises your electric bills will be much lower.  The community including you, must vote to approve it.  You ask them about the pollution impact as you live in a valley surrounded by high mountains and want to see the results from the environmental studies.  The company responds that they don’t have a process set up to have those studies done, lots of cities are fueled by coal generated electricity and they don’t think it will be a problem – you just need to accept their word that all will be fine, and remember you will get cheaper electricity. 

Would you accept the risk and blindly vote in favor of the project?

If you have any brains in your head you wouldn’t do any of the above, or any of the other scenarios you could come up with that carry risk without seeing studies, harm reduction programs in place, changes to the process, etc.

So when it comes to accepting the risk that you won’t know your CHILDS family health history, and have a way to receive updates, why would you accept what is currently the norm?  Because they told you most do fine?  And they know that how?

Why would you accept that it is acceptable for agencies to “work around” the fathers, instead of ensuring the father is part of the process?

Why would accept that they do not have any mandate to promote education to both parents about taking the time talking to their family, and ensuring a comprehensive history is provided and updated?  

Why would you accept that the industry has not been mandated to facilitate a process for ensuring family health history is updated periodically and timely forwarded in both directions?

And finally, why would YOU accept that risk on behalf of your child, and your child’s future children?

Can someone please explain to me why that risk is acceptable and people just accept it and carry on?  Do they not realize the actual risk?  Do they not explore the ramifications?  Do they not ask the tough questions and demand changes?


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