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What were they thinking…

Okay so I am not a reader if tabloids or entertainment news as I really have better things to do than that – you know like enjoy living my own life instead of reading gossip magazines.  I did a google search for adoption and came upon this.  Holy Cow Really?  You think this is okay?  What were people thinking.  She’s 13 for goodness sake.  She is only 13 years old and her life story is out there publicly, in print forever.  Even if she thought it was a good thing – hello – she is 13…

I’m not putting the headline, nor any other words describing the story or the person the story is about other than you can find it here.  I don’t want a bunch of hits on this blog by people who only came here because of that search.  As to why someone else didn’t talk about it as they question in the story – two words: Privacy and Ethics – heard of them?

Perhaps this is old news to many – I am shocked.


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How many generations between your parents and you…

I grew up with parents who were old enough to be my friends grandparents.  Come to find out decades later they were about the same age as my biological grandparents.

Just wanted to see how many other adoptees had parents the same age of their peers grandparents, or their biological grandparents? 

I and curious if it could be considered the norm? 

Did you feel the two-generation gap between what your friends parents were okay with vs your parents?

Just curious…


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