And the process for approval to adopt is so intrusive…

30 Dec

$68 Million Settlement Proposed for 10 Children Fraudulently Adopted and Abused

Lawyers for 10 disabled children who were fraudulently adopted by a Queens woman more than 15 years ago and subjected to years of abuse have proposed a $68 million settlement in a civil rights lawsuit filed on their clients’ behalf, according to a confidential court filing.”


The case has been seen as one of the most disturbing child welfare fraud cases in the city in recent years. Ms. Leekin used four aliases to adopt the children, who had physical or developmental disabilities, including autism and retardation, and later moved them to Florida. The children were caged, restrained with plastic ties and handcuffs, beaten with sticks and hangers, and kept out of school, according to court papers. An 11th child disappeared while in Ms. Leekin’s care and is presumed dead.”


Ms. Leekin, 66, was imprisoned after she was convicted of fraud in federal court in Manhattan and of abuse in a state court in Florida. Federal prosecutors have said that as part of her scheme, she collected $1.68 million in subsidies from the city that went to support a lavish lifestyle.”

August 2011 article New Look at City Lapses in Adoption Abuse Case

July 2008 article on sentencing 10-Year Sentence in Scheme to Bilk Adoption System

Go read all the articles.  Three different agencies failed to uncover the fraud by this woman who was sentenced in 2008, and yet a settlement for the victims still hasn’t happened and it is almost 2012.  Just how many other cases like this are out there?  How many more children are being abused?  How many?

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One response to “And the process for approval to adopt is so intrusive…

  1. momsomniac

    December 30, 2011 at 4:19 pm

    This is horrifying.

    Although the process for approval was time-consuming and expensive, the “safe-home” process in Colorado involved being asked a series of questions by our social worker. I scored lower than my husband for no reason other than being more honest and open. In other words, it relied on our assessments of ourselves and our childhoods. And I understand that some states don’t even do this.

    Our social worker was great, but I recall being quite disappointed that there was no psychiatric assessment. Of the few truly terrible people I have known in my life, I have never known one who was up-front about it….



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