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Merry Christmas to all…

Christmas is a hard time for me, and yet I still look forward to it every year.  I love the carols and the decorations and lights.  At the same time I recognise that others, specifically my friend Shadow, can’t see the decorations and lights and wish she and others could.  I also wish others could hear the carols.  I take so much for granted and shouldn’t. 

This morning I checked out TED, and one of the newly released talks, is from TEDMED and it gave me hope.  Hope for my friend with RP.  Hope for a wide variety of people who deal with challenges we cannot fully ever understand.

Please watch or listen.  Just knowing Shadow has made me aware of things and when I watch a TED talk, I find myself checking to see if the message is clear if I only listen – a small glimpse into her world, but something we all should consider.

Edit due to lack of coffee:

At TEDMED, Sheila Nirenberg shows a bold way to create sight in people with certain kinds of blindness: by hooking into the optic nerve and sending signals from a camera direct to the brain.

Sheila Nirenberg studies how the brain encodes information — possibly allowing us to decode it, and maybe develop prosthetic sensory devices.

Merry Christmas!

I wish you all a peaceful, safe, and happy holiday!


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