Two Topics: Nurture vs Nature and Logical Fallacies

24 Nov

Yesterday I listened to Creating A Family radio show on Nurture vs Nature and enjoyed it.  I can’t say I learned anything new necessarily, because it is a topic I have been part of all my life as an adoptee with adopted siblings so it was blatantly obvious. 

The guests are Sally Ann Rhea, who has been the Study Coordinator for 25 years for one of the most reknown adoption research projects in the world, the Colorado Adoption Project and Dr. Alexandra Burt, Associate Professor of Behavioral Genetics with affiliation with the Michigan State University Twin Registry. 

It’s funny that the studies back up things Dad said half a century ago, based on his education in science, what he saw in his practice and life, and the ability to see reality and discard fluffy rhetoric as rubbish.  Mom leaned to the side of blank slates and all you needed was love and a good environment. 

Anyway, I thought it was worth listening to.

Is Genetics or the Environment Most Important in Determining Who Our Kids Will Be?

I have also been delving into non sequitur and logical fallacies this week as I see the different types of non sequitur and logical fallacies used on-line in adoption conversations.

The first three are short but describe some of the more common logical fallacies. 




Appeal to Pity and False Authority

Complex Question and Strawman

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