Some get it – some don’t…

13 Nov

1979: Judge Wade S Weatherford, Seventh Judicial Circuit, South Carolina, granting adoptee’s petition to access adoption records.

The law must be consonant with life. It cannot and should not ignore broad historical currents of history. Mankind is possessed of no greater urge than to try to understand the age-old question: “Who am I?” “Why am I?” Even now the sands and ashes of continents are being sifted to find where we made our first step as man. Religions of mankind often include ancestor worship in one way or another. For many the future is blind without a sight of the past. Those emotions and anxieties that generate our thirst to know the past are “good cause” under the law of man and God.

If Judge Weatherford could see this so clearly, and state it so elegantly, why can’t others see as well?  Why the need to deny the reality that the need to know where you come from is something normal and desired by many.  You can read more about Judge Weatherford here and here.


2011 video: Brother meeting his sister 74 years after she was born and surrendered for adoption…it’s short but so heart warming…and really points to the stupidity of sealed records…and that the desire to know your family never goes away.

Quote by Jim Sanford taken from the video: “You can’t get into the records, nobody will tell you anything, just ..ah.. it ought to be an easier way…”


Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee had a really good post recently titled When “Pro-Adoption” Becomes “Anti-Adoptee” that, in my opinion, really speaks to what the reality is in adoption, and it is a sad reality indeed.

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