Link for Halloween

31 Oct

The Republican War on Trick-or-Treating

The right doesn’t want our kids to take handouts.

This week, Republicans in Congress have decided to take some time off from taking time off to announce a bold new jobs initiative: As part of the effort to reward the nation’s hardest working job creators, and punish the “growing mobs” of whining, entitled, spoiled youngsters who have taken to the streets with their irrational, socialist demands, House GOP Leader Eric Cantor this afternoon announced that America’s problems will be solved by a forward-thinking congressional initiative. Quoting himself in a speech that he almost gave last week, Rep. Cantor explained that “Republicans believe that what is fair is a hand up, not a hand out.” And that’s why Republicans today declared war on trick-or-treaters.

It’s become increasingly clear to the Republican leadership that growing mobs of masked youngsters, overrunning America’s pristine public thoroughfares with their unreasonable demands for free Skittles, are both frightening and disruptive. “If you give a kid a candy corn, he’ll eat for a day,” explained Cantor, in unveiling the new program. “But if you take away his candy corn and make him grow his own sugar cane, he’ll grow up to have a job you will eventually send overseas.”

Go read the whole thing – it’s pretty funny – but then I am so very liberal…

Have a safe Halloween and my dogs will be ever so happy when it is over because in Canada – Halloween without fireworks is not Halloween…poor puppies…


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2 responses to “Link for Halloween

  1. momsomniac

    October 31, 2011 at 8:17 pm

    Heh! Happy Halloween!


  2. The adopted ones

    October 31, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    You too Momsomniac – I love having the kids come by at Halloween and expect you get to go out and do the trick r treating.

    Unfortunately it is the very worst time of the year for the dogs – not just the fireworks – being locked in the bedroom and the door bell ringing and ringing until we finally shut the light off. We usually average around 150 kids each year so it’s fun!



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