21 Aug

Step Forward for Orphans March: American families to protest U.S. policies

WASHINGTON, D.C., August 15, 2011 –- American parents of children stranded in orphanages around the world will take to the National Mall to march to the U.S Capitol on August 26. Dubbed the Step Forward for Orphans, the march is designed to bring attention to the dire situation that’s affecting orphans around the world.

So from reading the first paragraph the reader would jump to the conclusion that the adoption was finalized, done deal, the process complete which includes in international adoption authorization from the receiving country for the child to immigrate.  Feel free to correct me but unless the parents plan to relocate their country has to approve the immigration and the sending country has to approve the adoption? 

These families, many of whom have been waiting three years to bring their children home, have been caught in disheartening and mind-boggling limbo. These Americans are known as “pipeline” families. They were approved to adopt from foreign countries like Guatemala, Nepal and Vietnam and even paired with specific children, but they have been prevented from bringing their children home due to bureaucratic wrangling here and abroad. In many cases, these families have been blocked from all contact with their children, prevented from visiting, calling or writing, leaving these children alone with only photos of their families and the promises they made.

But this paragraph only states they were approved to adopt from foreign countries like Guatemala, Nepal and Vietnam and even paired with specific children.  So which is it?  The adoptions were complete? or they were approved to adopt and some matched?

To me there is a huge difference.  Crude comparison but to me the difference is kind of like being pre-approved to get a mortgage contingent on the home you pick, acceptance of your offer by the seller, completion of the paperwork vs. having completed the purchase of your home.

The fate of the children of these American parents remains unknown as new adoption procedures are drafted, treaties brokered and high-level discussions continue. This hasn’t been going on weeks, or even months. A lack of urgency on the government’s part has stretched this separation of families into years.

And yet the third paragraph again makes the reader jump to the conclusion that the adoptions were completed by calling them parents…

So I am going to go out on a limb and if the Americans were only approved to adopt from one of those countries and lets say they were matched, or even that the sending country finalized the adoption – why have they not found other homes within the country to step up and adopt those kids?  Surely that would have been the first solution that came to mind when those countries closed international adoptions due to corruption – get the kids out of the orphanages and into good homes – you know “in the best interests of the children“.  With all the many different religions doing missionary work in those countries for decades, surely they could have worked within the community of their church or another church to find “good Christian families” willing to take in these children and allow their Christian counterparts in America to be Godparents to them – no?  Would that not have been the obvious solution for those children?

What am I missing here? 

And besides the above reading the rest of the article just made me mad. Why aren’t they marching to get the corruption out of the adoption industry – that seems to be the place to start doesn’t it?  It would certainly give them more credibility if they marching to end the corruption that caused the closure of those countries to IA in the first place.  To force tough laws in the US that included redefining the US trafficking definition to include illegal adoption cases, so there could be real punishments for the bad guys – so no one dared to do it wrong – in either country…

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