Daily Archives: August 4, 2011

Why Girls?

Growing up and being around people from all walks of life who started families everyone seemed to want to have a boy to carry on the family name.  Of course they wanted girls too, but seemed to all prefer to have a boy first and if they had a girl instead, immediately started planning for when to get pregnant to try for a boy.

Since I have become immersed within this world called adoption, that concept has tilted upside down and MOST seem to want to have girls.  Now I completely understand why that happens in China so no one needs to explain that aspect.  But is the desire for girls in adoption a direct reflection on carrying on the family name?  That boys have now become ‘less than’ a worthy goal to attain simply because the dna doesn’t match and the line won’t be true anymore?

I think it is about the continuation of the family name for a lot of people.  I just wish when that is their truth, they would stop the glorified excuses and be real about it.  What is wrong with the truth?


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