Search terms the past week…

02 Aug

I find it interesting how people find this blog.  Some of the more interesting queries this week.

books for dads to talk to sons about birds and beesI know this search took them to the post on Utah and father’s lack of rights because that statement is in the post…

how to convince a biological parent that their child would be better off adopted by foster parent –  I have no idea what post was connected to this search unless it was “hell in a handbasket” about the former foster parents who adopted and then abused their kids…probably not a great example or way to convince a biological parent to let a foster parent adopt the child…

finally a foster girl to spank as i please – seriously?  you had the gall to put that into a search engine?  WTF?  Hopefully you landed on “hell in a handbasket” post.

ethics of fundraising international adoption you probably didn’t get the answer you wanted from this blog…

Oh and of course – UTAH and fathers rights or lack thereof…hopefully my recent post will do some good.

biological father rights utah

utah does a father have to pay pre-birth expenses

what are my rights in utah if a girl get pregnant

And of course there is the usual collection of where the hell is my adoption tax credit searches but a new one popped up and I kind of chuckled.

adoption tax credit threatened by budget crisis? – it’s no longer relevant but my guess would be that if senior citizens weren’t guaranteed their monthly check the ATC would be MUCH lower on the priority schedule…

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