Fleas Biting is back…

01 Aug

I was so pleased when I read the news on Von’s blog that Fleas Biting had become active again. 

David Smolin’s voice is one that is so needed in the world of international adoption – especially considering the current ‘fav’ country Ethiopia, and what is happening now and has been happening for a while.  I hope everyone impacted by what they have learned after the fact, takes the time to read and join with him in creating a solution.

An Accountability Project for Intercountry Adoption–Part I

A taste…

Amidst these declining numbers and this unnecessary human wreckage, I think it is past time to start an accountability project. Intercountry adoption agencies and “advocates” have for too long gotten away with shifting the blame and maligning the messenger. Yet, it is precisely the adoption agencies and advocates—and the governments that have all too often capitulated to them—that are responsible both for the declining numbers and for this unnecessary human wreckage.

The obstacles to such an accountability project are clear. If you name names, you may get sued. If you name names, you may leave the mistaken impression that the problem is a few bad actors. Because of these limitations, my own work has not been about naming names, but rather about identifying systemic problems with the intercountry adoption system.

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