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Rainy misty days…mulling on stuff that makes no sense…

I wanted to be outside today but then I stepped outside and changed my mind, snapped a couple of pictures and came back inside, glad I have a nice warm dry place to be. 
So instead I will catch up on inside chores and mull on things that make no sense whatsoever…
Fostercare supports family reunification and the Domestic Infant Adoption Industry supports severing families.
Legislatures all over the country are fighting to make safe abortions illegal (knowing full well backstreet abortions will happen) and at the same time voting to defund Planned Parenthood so they won’t be able to supply free contraceptives to prevent pregnancies in the first place.
Conservatives lamenting on all the unwed teen pregnancies each year and yet wanting “Abstinence Only” sex education to be the only sex education taught in their schools.

One of the squirrels heading to the the feeder on a rainy day.

One of the stellar jays wanting a peanut on a rainy day


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