Ted talk…a question I asked dad…and pictures…

13 Jun
Dad became a doctor in the late 40’s and was still practicing in the 80’s so he saw a lot of advances in medicine during his time.  Just stop and think about the explosion of knowledge that happened during that era – pretty much everything when you stop and think about it. 
And one day a couple of years before he passed away, we were sitting talking and I asked him what was the most important medical advance he had seen during his career.  I expected him to say the CAT Scan or MRI or any of the other miracles of technology.  I expected him to stop and think about it for a couple of minutes as that was his way, but he didn’t, he answered immediately –

The Polio Vaccine 

– that it saved millions and millions of lives.  That nothing else compared in scope to the devastation this disease caused on families he treated and the families all over the world. 
Sadly, Polio is still a disease affecting children and families. The disease has not been eradicated around the world and with global travel it won’t stay isolated.  Add to that the amount of families choosing to not vaccinate, it worries me.
Listen to the Ted Talk – spread the word:
Bruce Aylward is a Canadian physician and epidemiologist who heads the polio eradication programme at WHO, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).  Polio is almost completely eradicated. But as Bruce Aylward says: Almost isn’t good enough with a disease this terrifying. Aylward lays out the plan to continue the scientific miracle that ended polio in most of the world — and to snuff it out everywhere, forever.
In a prior post here I had said my dad had picked a rose from my rose-bush, took it home and planted it.  Shadowtheadoptee talked about the rooted rose she had just done in the comments.  She sent me pictures of the rooted rose and wanted me to post them in honor of my dad.  She sent the pictures to me on Memorial Day but I could not figure out how to insert them into a post due to changes either in IE, WP or just my brain, until now.  It seems fitting to include them in this post.  I asked her the name she gave it (she hadn’t), or the name of the rose she took the stem from (she didn’t know), and suggested I name it. 
Dad was known as “Doc” to all so see pictures of the new rose-bush called “Doc”…
“Doc” starting to bloom
“Doc” in full bloom

Thanks my friend…

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