Cautionary tale about reading old letters…

25 Apr
I am the one in my family who is fascinated by researching family lines – my dads is one of my favorites because I heard stories about many of the ancestors I research.  I spend countless hours researching for the smallest clue and follow any trail I find. 
Awhile ago I was given an envelope containing the last of my grandpa’s papers – dad’s dad.  I eagerly sifted through the contents, reading the different correspondence, looking at wills, pictures, reading stories.  I was in research heaven and was really happy to find it also contained a series of letters written about creating the family tree between grandpa and another relative.  Each letter contained precious information that validated and confirmed details, as well as snippets of general chit-chat any letter would have between relatives.  I was transported back to the era of when I was a small child, and the events that were happening at a time I was too young to understand – until I came to the part of one letter where my grandpa was telling about how all his grandchildren were doing good, all grown up and having children…
It has bothered me more than I would imagine and I think what it boils down to is I am mad that he could do that to my dad who took care of him till the end…mad…mad…and incredibly sad.  For myself not so much, more of a twinge and reality check and because quite simply, biologically my siblings and I were not his grandchildren.  But it would have hurt my dad to have his dad be that way about his children, and they were all frank speakers so the words would have been said.  Dad did not deserve that.
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One response to “Cautionary tale about reading old letters…

  1. Suzanne Innes

    April 28, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    I am going through some old letters too. The realities are there in black and white. Sometimes things that we don’t want to know or even believe.
    I understand…………



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