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30 Mar
I have heard many times that Steve Jobs is adopted.  I have seen him held up as an example of an adoption success story.  About how much he valued his parents and did not have typical adoptee ‘issues’.  All good things and how adoptive parents hoped their children would feel like he did. 
Fair enough, but yet I felt a twinge of something each time he was held up as the ultimate adoptee for us to emulate instead of wanting to search or change laws or make sure ethics mattered most in adoption.  It wasn’t his success or brilliance that bothered me, but being honest, it was the fact that it seemed like unwittingly, he had left those behind who needed to explore what being adopted meant to them, those that wanted to make people understand the losses felt, those with horror stories of abusive parents, and that all was not perfect in the world of adoption.  That he could do more for adoptee rights in one day, than others could do in a year. 
And so I find out today I was wrong about the searching and that info came out in 1997, that he did search and that his sister is his best friend.  How did I not know this?  Did you?
But, Jobs says, since he was a teen-ager he had tried to locate his biological family. He had nearly given up when he discovered, at the age of 27, that his biological parents had another child later whom they had kept, his younger sister. For reasons of privacy, Jobs explains, he won’t discuss his biological parents or how he ultimately tracked down his sister.
As it turns out, his sister is the novelist Mona Simpson, whose new book, ”A Regular Guy,” is about a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who bears a striking resemblance to Steve Jobs. After they met, Jobs forged a relationship with her, often visiting her in Manhattan, where she lived and still maintains an apartment. Theirs is a connection that, to this day, neither Jobs nor Simpson have discussed in the press, and now do so sparingly. ”My brother and I are very close,” Simpson says. ”I admire him enormously.”Jobs says only: ”We’re family. She’s one of my best friends in the world. I call her and talk to her every couple of days.”
Creating Jobs – page 9 of 13

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