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Positive experience…

Watching the news this morning on NBC Good Morning America and they were talking about the Supreme Court ruling on whether a class action case against Walmart can go ahead.  The case is that Walmart discriminates against their female employees.  The video clip is titled Women v. Walmart and the Walmart spokesperson speaks about 1.25 minutes into the clip…and says the following quote…
The plaintiffs in this case want to lump over 1.5 million women who work for Walmart into the case even many who had ‘positive experiences’.
I have heard ‘positive experiences’ used many times over the years as a way to brush off, deny, refute an adoptee’s experience and know just how much it triggers me, but never expected to be triggered by its use in another context but here I am needing to say:  Just because a person can have a positive experience they can still have been impacted in many ways, and in this aspect may have been discriminated against because they are female…how dismissive can you be? 
Once again the ‘posivitive experience’ statement used to shut down and dismiss the individuals who stood up as just angry mal-adjusted and that they should just get over it…
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