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In the News: Argentine Dirty War as well as Ethiopia…

Back in November I wrote about my feelings and thoughts about the Argentine Dirty War and the impact on the most innocent victims of all – the babies taken from one side and given to the other side.  Read the post and watch the video, it is truly heartbreaking.
Just a couple of days ago the BBC published this article Argentine military dictators are on trial over baby kidnappings.  Read the article to understand just how horrific and widespread this was and the article about some of the “adoptees” which is linked below, to get a true understanding of the crimes committed. 
The case came to trial mainly because of the efforts of the human rights group, the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who have campaigned to find out what happened not only to their children but also their grandchildren.
About 500 babies were stolen from their mothers during the dictatorship, according to the campaign group Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo.
The thoughts running through my mind about this are that people will readily accept that this is an atrocity and that people and generations of families were irreparably harmed, and that justice should be swift and fit the crime.
Linked to the above article is one about some of the “adoptees” who were kidnapped Argentina ‘stolen baby’ cases legacy of Dirty War
Francisco Madariaga is blunt about how most of his life has been until now.
“I spent 32 years living a lie,” he says.
Mr Madariaga, 33, used to be called Alejandro Ramiro Gallo, the name given to him by his adoptive parents.
Last year he came face-to-face for the first time with his real father and confirmed his fears.
He is the son of one of thousands of left-wing activists who were tortured and killed during military rule in Argentina between 1976 and 1983, a period known as the Dirty War.
And people will accept that the individuals were indeed kidnapped and adopted out illegally, there are clear-cut villains and victims in this story.  And people will understand the anger those adopted illegally have, as well as the contradictory feelings they will have – the loyalty and love felt to those who raised them.  That it is hard all the way around, however you look at it.  That some will not want to know and others will be glad to finally know the truth.  That there is nothing easy about this at all and that the effects will impact them forever.
And yet, the articles above are current news and the article I link to below is current news, but the reaction I see and feel from some is so different when at the heart of the matter it has the same impact – families, generations of families being impacted, simply because people take advantage of others…whether it happens during a war or during peace…
So while most will agree the atrocities that happened in Argentines Dirty War were so very wrong, some of the same individuals will not accept that corruption in international adoptions happens.  That it is happening now and will happen tomorrow and the next day and in some countries is so widespread that drastic measures must happen now.  That child laundering (trafficking) in adoption cannot be tolerated and must be stopped.  They keep their blinders firmly in place. 
The article from Voices of America speaks about Ethiopia right now, today, and the drastic measures they are taking to stop widespread practices of fraud and illegal adoptions.  But yet the comments show people won’t accept it as truth, simply, I think because it cuts too close to home and their own desires and actions, and to me those aren’t good enough reasons. 
Some of the comments attached to the Voices of America article are especially chilling to me as an adoptee – speaking about adoptees “in the pipeline”  or “Ethiopian children taken to civilized countries win life’s lottery“…seriously these words disturb me and create immense sorrow deep within my soul – to know that some of the babies and toddlers they speak of will indeed grow up and find out they did not need to be adopted, and that bad people did this…
Yet some of the comments speak to the hypocrisy of speaking about orphans waiting in orphanages when it is healthy young babies and toddlers that are being adopted, so more and more have taken off the blinders and have realized that the demand fueled the need for more supply and support the changes being made.  That gives me hope…
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