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I just do not know what to say…

Each time I read a damning report on corruption in international adoption I keep hoping that people will say enough, no more.  We watch country after country close because of corruption but it seems like the bad players just look for a new country.  Yes, there are orphans needing homes but people have to stop and ask – how many bad adoptions are okay?  1, 10, 100?  When does it end?
What do you as a parent do when you find out your child did not need a home and already had a home?  You don’t get a do-over, instead you have to live with the guilt, the pain and try to do the best you can.  What do you say to your child?  What do you do?    How is that right for the parent or the child or the childs family back home?  How long and how many countries and families have to go through this before people say enough is enough?  What will it take for people to say No More, we will not switch countries and join the next country to adopt from creating the demand that fuels the supply when corruption is rampant.  When are people going to listen? 
There has to be a solution…and the solution will start with people accepting that corruption in international adoption and not pretending that it is only rare.  Remember they do not close countries to adoption for the rare case of corruption, they just don’t. 
Do you want to be part of the solution or part of the problem – it really is your choice.  Read this report from the Schuster Institute and read the other reports they have done and tell me I am wrong.
Orphaned or Stolen? The U.S. State Department investigates adoption from Nepal, 2006-2008

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